Today l would like to introduce you to the key trends in make-up for this Autumn … this season is all about perfecting your skin to make it look flawless, with a healthy glow.

Look to Lanvin, Isabel Murant and Max Mara for prime examples of this season’s new trends ….. supermodel-esque glow, curled lashes and impeccably groomed brows define the look.

Vogue have summarised the key make-up trends for AW17 as follows….

Trend one | Perfectly Imperfect Lips
Smudged lipstick is now a trend! perfect for those hurrying to get ready in the mornings!
Several of the Autumn/Winter 2017 shows saw imperfect-looking lips being painstakingly created backstage with smeared, messed-up pouts, subtly worn-in colour and diffused edges a feature in many of the catwalk shows. You can see this trend in the above image.

Trend two | Over Liner
Bold, black eyeliner made its mark on the autumn/winter catwalks. At Prada, Pat McGrath topped the smudgy black eyes with a flash of blue, at Marni kohl was drawn directly onto the waterline and at Versace it was applied in great swoops from the inner corners of the eyes to the temples. The effects are dramatic!

autumn trends 3

Trend three | Bleached Brows
Bold natural brows are going nowhere fast, but their bleached-out conterparts have also made a striking return this season. Create a monochrome look with barely-there brows, or pair unsaturated brows with pastel eyeshadow for a subtly “softened” pastel effect.

autumn trend brows

Trend four | The Banana
The “banana” is the curved crease in the eyelid onto which you can apply liner or shadow to create a wide-eyed effect. Think Sixties Twiggy with those cartoon-like arcs of liner. Colour is applied just above the lids to graphic effect. One of the best looks of the season saw Tom Pecheux drawing fuchsia liner along the top of the lids at Oscar de la Renta, before offsetting it with a pop of a contrasting hue washed across the lids and right into the banana crease. See below image.

autumn trends 4

Trend five | Groomed Minimalism
A minimal, natural-looking beauty with a focus on glowing skin has been trending for more seasons than we can count, but for autumn/winter 2017 the look has evolved into something more sophisticated and nuanced. Whilst in previous seasons we’ve heard words like “raw” and “bare” backstage, this season is all about those finishing touches that make for a flawless, subtly groomed appearance.

autumn trend five

Trend Six | Rose Tinted Beauty
Many of the catwalk shows for AW17 used a wash of pink to give a rose-like flush to cheeks, eyes and lips. Sheer coverage, soft shades and delicate application made for an ethereal beauty which felt utterly modern yet completely wearable at once.

autumn trend 6

Trend Seven | Sixties Lashes
While minimalism is still a key trend for AW17, a delightful lash maximalism is also a big theme – think doll-like, boldly-coloured and Sixties-inspired styles respectively. For a more subtle take on the trend consider the clumpy, slept-in lashes as seen in the image below …

autumn trend 8

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