As a natural beauty coach, I show women how to use make-up to reveal their beautiful face, not mask it. For me, teen make-up is not about seeing imperfections and covering them up. There is another way. A better way. It’s about recognizing uniquely beautiful features, capturing the light around the face and defining shapes. It’s about freshness, fun and a little bit of magic.

Whatever skin challenges your daughter is having, whatever habits she’s stuck in, whatever trends she’s following, you can trust me. I will gently open her eyes to a natural style and tactfully guide her away from the need to mask, hide and conceal. I will show her professional tips and techniques as part of a simple routine she can use everyday to wear her beauty confidently.

My teen lesson is actually a gift of liberating skills and inner confidence. Now is the perfect time to give it to your daughter.

I tailor my teen lesson entirely on the beautiful person in front of me. I use a step-by-step, half-face technique so she will see clearly how each step brings out her features. We’ll cover:

How to clean and protect teenage skin
Core skills for applying fresh, natural-looking make-up
An eye-opening understanding of what makes her face uniquely beautiful
Customized product advice designed to subtly balance the shapes and shades of the face
Professional techniques for getting the best out of the products and tools she has at home